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Honorary citizenship
The award of honorary citizenship on July 1, 1962, was a very important moment for Hesse. He had been accepted among the people from Ticino, even though he remained a «zucchino», nickname used in Ticino for those coming from the other side of the Alps. One could hardly expect a nobler recognition from the people from Ticino, rather wary of strangers.
Hesse had been rarely seen happier and at ease as when he thanked his village and its people with a speech in Italian:

«I have never been an orator and now, in my ripe old age, I am  even less an orator than before.
Yet, I would like – trying my best – to kindly greet my guests and tell them how much I am moved and pleased for the honour conferred to me by the town council of Montagnola.
I want to express my thanks and my esteem to the town hall and to the Mayor, and I welcome everybody. I have lived and worked in Montagnola for over fourty years. As writer and amateur painter I have often admired Ticino and Collina d'Oro. I have always loved the village, the people and the climate of Ticino.
If I think back to the years spent here, I should list many names of Montagnolesi who deserve my affection and my esteem and to whom I feel attached with gratitude. I will rather name only few:
my faithful Natalina Cavadini
my skilful gardener Lorenzo Cereghetti, who is the same age as me,
the Camuzzi family
our clever ex-mayor Gilardi, who celebrated my marriage to my wife in 1931, - not to forget his wonderful mother.
Since this house was built, I have had constant and good relations with the Brocchi family and the Petrini family, from the post office of Montagnola, who have been very busy .
I hope my affection and respect for Montagnola are reciprocal. I am very pleased and feel moved that the town hall confirms me as honorary citizen. Please, gentlemen, do accept the feelings of my gratitude.»

Honorary citizenship

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