Fondazione Hermann Hesse Montagnola
Torre Camuzzi
Hermann Hesse lived in Montagnola in an apartment belonging to Casa Camuzzi (1919–1931) and later in the Casa Rossa (1931–1962). Today both these houses are private property.

In 1997 the opportunity to rent Torre Camuzzi, which was part of the whole mansion of Casa Camuzzi, made possible the foundation of the first Swiss Museum dedicated to Hermann Hesse.
The late medieval tower was modified at the end of the 19. century by the Camuzzi Family. The tower was given a neo-gothic style and a loggia with different floors was added in order to integrate it to the near mansion of Casa Camuzzi.
The architect Nicola Losinger, in 1995/1996, restored Torre Camuzzi into an apartment. He gave back the tower its late nineteenth-century look and was able to integrate it back to the whole historical complex of Casa Camuzzi.
Torre Camuzzi
Casa Camuzzi
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